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Scattered storms today and this weekend, another heat wave returns next week


(WTHR) — Several lines of storms moved through Indiana yesterday and this morning...and we're not out of the woods yet!

The rain chances stay with us as a slow-moving upper system moves over central Indiana. With moisture-rich air, we could today, just like yesterday, see heavy downpours of rain. In western Indiana for instance, some counties have had well over 4 inches of rain the past few days. Be weather aware tonight if you are going to the Indians game or Imagine Dragons concert because we could see some spotty showers and thunderstorms this evening.

Clouds, humid air and spotty downpours/thunder will linger Saturday in central Indiana. Limited sun will keep temperatures mainly in the 70s, making it one of the last days below 80 for awhile.

All signs point toward another heat wave developing during the middle of next week with a string of 90 degree days and heat indices near and above 100.

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Timing Rain and Storms for Thursday Night - Live Doppler 13 Weather Blog


It has been a soggy Thursday so far and there are more storms in the forecast for tonight. There is the chance for some stronger storms with damaging winds. The bigger threat will be slow moving storms producing heavy rain. That rain will cause standing water and the threat for flash flooding. Remember not to drive over any road that has water over it. That high water is harder to see at night. It is summer and there are lots of outdoor events tonight. We are not forecasting a washout but we want you to stay weather aware. There will be a few lines of showers and storms moving through the area through late tonight. There will also be some dry breaks in between the lines of rain. Here is the timeline with FutureTrak13.

Kicking off summer with scattered storms and not-so-hot temperatures


(WTHR) — Don't leave home without your umbrella or rain coat today! Scattered thunderstorms will dot the area and we will probably see temperatures just a little bit below average the next few days.

A Level 1 (out of 5) severe storm risk remains in place along and just south of I-70. But most storms today into Friday night will mainly be heavy rain-makers and contain frequent lightning.

We're still expecting widespread coverage of rain and thunderstorms today and Friday in Central Indiana. Many areas should get nearly two inches of rainfall... with some locations possibly exceeding four inch rain totals this week.

It's going to be a real humid time period too because of the rain and Gulf moisture that will be around the area the next few days.

The Summer Solstice happening today means a change for us. This is the most daylight of the year for us with nearly 15 hours of sunlight. Sunlight gets less until December 22nd, the day after the Winter Solstice.

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It's no longer as hot, but rain is expected on and off the next few days


(WTHR) — The 90 degree days are over. We got up to 92 yesterday, but the warm and muggy weather isn't over yet. It's really muggy outside and it will stay that way all day with some scattered showers and thunderstorms later on.

Though the heat wave breaks- we're not out of the woods yes, so don't expect much relief in the Muggy Meter!

Uncomfortable air will linger into this weekend, combined with a stalled front, puts Central Indiana in the center of multiple heavy storm clusters. Yesterday , for instance, Rockville in Western Indiana, received more than 3 inches of rain. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has placed areas south of Martinsville under a marginal risk for severe weather later today. The biggest threats are the large area of rain coverage and the possibility for heavy downpours of rain, which could create some localized flooding.

We actually need rain but the storms come with a possibility of severe wind and/or hail. We're monitoring trends, but many areas could get 2"-4"+ rainfall between now and Saturday morning. Stay in your toes in the coming days for the potential of warnings!

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Timing Tuesday Storms - Live Doppler 13 Radar


This is what Live Doppler 13 Radar looked like at 3pm Tuesday. Scattered storms with lightning and heavy rain covered the northern half of the state.

It looks like this will be the area that will have the better chance for rain and storms through Tuesday evening. There is a risk for severe weather. On our scale from 1 to 5, it is at a 1 and on the low end of the scale. Even if the storms don't reach severe limits, the storms will contain heavy rain, lightning, and strong winds. With the slow movement of the storms, watch for standing water on roadways. Remember not to drive over any road that is covered with water. That will be something to remember over the next several days because the threat for storms causing flash flooding continues through Friday. Here is the timeline with FutureTrak13.

The storms will diminish as we lose daylight. The same boundary that is triggering the storms now will trigger more storms through Friday.

Chance for showers and thunderstorms likely the next few days

Live Doppler 13 Forecast
Live Doppler 13 Forecast

(WTHR) — We're looking at some big changes the next few days here in Indiana! Today is the last of the 90 degree days for a bit, but the cooler air comes along with showers and thunderstorms. We'll see at least a chance to get wet over the next few days.

Storm coverage increases this afternoon with the possibility of some severe storms as well. Highs again reach the lower 90s with oppressive humidity producing peak heat indices near 100 outside of thunderstorms.

Indiana is under a marginal risk of severe weather today and it appears the peak time for storms will be this afternoon and early evening.

You'll want to be weather aware today! It looks like tonight’s ball game between the Indianapolis Indians and Norfolk could be threatened, at least for some time, with showers and thunderstorms. Make sure you have the WTHR Weather app downloaded to keep track of those potential storms.

The Muggy Meter remains uncomfortable into the weekend and comes with a stormier pattern overall late tonight into Saturday morning. Many areas should get at least an inch of rain, and two-inch plus totals seems likely in the path of heavier storm clusters.

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Dangerous Heat Again Monday In Central Indiana


Another flat-out scorcher in Central Indiana today with Heat Advisory in effect until 8pm. Please heed the warnings of frequent breaks and plenty of water if you must be outside for long periods of time.

Preferably you can be in air condition as much as possible today as heat indices are already near 100 and peak in the 105-110 range this afternoon.

Only spotty downpours and storms expected during the peak heating hours of 4pm-9pm... but most backyards don't get a drop of rain.

However, a more active pattern is expected in the days ahead with multiple heavy storm clusters impacting Central Indiana beginning Tuesday and lingering into the weekend.

Any rain this time of year, and when it's this hot, is welcomed news and many locations may get over two inches of rainfall by Sunday night.

Stay tuned for updates and be Weather Aware in the days ahead with any storms developing likely producing heavy rain and possibly severe wind and/or hail.

90s Heat Begins The Week


We officially hit 93° in Indianapolis for the high temperatures for Sunday... we'll be right back in the lower 90s Monday afternoon.

Similar to Sunday, we start with mostly clear skies and clouds increase with the heat of the day. A stray shower is possible, but it will be a dry, hot day for most.

With a forecast high temperature of 93°, we'll fall short of the record which stands at 96° from 1994. The heat index will make it feel much hotter -- most of the state sees the triple digits again.

Highs across the state on Monday will be in the lower 90s.

The heat index approaches 100-105° between 3-6pm.

The heat index is important to consider because it is the way our body reacts to the air around us. When we had more moisture, it becomes more difficult for sweat to evaporate (a natural cooling process). Heat starts to build internally leading to heat-related illnesses settling in quicker when the heat index is high.

With the heat of the day, a stray shower will be possible. Here's 3pm.

A dry, warm and muggy evening.

The pattern becomes for active for Tuesday as a frontal boundary approaches from the north. Stray showers are possible to start the day with temps in the mid 70s.

Rain showers and with isolated storms start to become more numerous in the afternoon on Tuesday. Highs still in the lower 90s under the boundary passes through early Wednesday.

Wednesday will be the game changer as the heat wave wraps up and temperatures fall into the 80s. We'll even see a below average day Thursday.

Summer officially begins on Thursday which is the coolest day of the week. Unsettled weather keeps a chance of scattered showers around through next weekend as temperatures increase back into the upper 80s.

Be ready for some dangerous heat on Father's Day - Live Doppler 13 Blog


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The hot days will continue. Most of Indiana was well into the 90s today and we will do it again tomorrow for Father's Day.

Tomorrow I am calling for a high of 96 degrees. Factor in the moisture in the air, it'll feel more like 100° for the heat index.

if you are out tonight, keep in mind that for events like Symphony On the Prairie or Keith Urban, there could be a pop up shower. Most places don't see anything.

Remember the common sense but important rules to this heat. Don't leave anyone in a hot car during the day. Make sure your pets have extra shade and water.

Like today, tomorrow will be an "Ozone Action Days" meaning the level of pollutants trapped in the air is higher than the EPA standards.

Those sensitive groups including those with lung disease, older adults and children should limit outdoor time before 7 p.m.

It is also a good idea to reduce your emissions by carpooling, biking, combining errands, and refueling the car and mowing the law after 7 p.m.

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Dangerous Heat; Air Quality This Weekend


An "Ozone Action Day" has been issued for parts of Central Indiana (counties highlighted in gray) for today and tomorrow.

You'll notice this is mainly in more densely-populated urban areas where pollution emissions are highest.

We are at a level 3, or a Code Orange, for today meaning the poor air quality will effect mainly those in sensitive groups including lung disease patients, older adults and children.

Pollutions will be highest in the air with the heat of the day through 7 pm. To help reduce emissions, bike or walk instead of drive and perhaps carpool. Wait to fill your gas tank until after 7pm as well as mow the lawn.

It heats up quickly today! High temps in the lower 90s with a heat index approaching 100° between 3-6pm.

An isolated storm will be possible with the heat of the day, mainly between 3 and 8 pm. This is not "plan-cancelling" rain, but keep an eye on the sky if you have any plans like the Keith Urban concert tonight at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center.

We start to lose daytime heating in the 7 o'clock hour and will see any pop-up storms eroding at this time.

RECORD HEAT possible on Sunday...

The current record is 95° set back in 1913, the forecast is for 96°. The heat index will push 100-105° Sunday afternoon.

Stay hydrated...take frequent breaks...use the shade and air conditioning...reapply sunscreen every few hours if you are going to be outdoors (without it, burn times will be 15-25 minutes).

Hot with sunshine for Father's Day.

This stretch of heat takes us into the first part of next week. Stray showers with the heat of the afternoon will be possible Monday and Tuesday with the front arriving Wednesday. This will be a game-changer, snapping our heat wave. Highs drop back to where they should be this time of year, in the low to mid 80s.

Father's Day Heat - Live Doppler 13 Blog


The weekend on through Monday will be hot. Humidity will increase under hazy skies. Temperatures will climb into the low 90s Saturday.

Heat indices will be hight this weekend through Monday.

Father's Day will be brutally hot with temperatures climbing into the upper 90s.

Heat indices will make it feel like it's in the triple digits.

There is a chance of an isolated thunderstorm.
Monday will bring much of the same with highs in the mid 90s.

Hot, humid and highs in the 90s this Father's Day weekend

(WTHR) — It's warmer this morning and even though it isn't oppressive, our dew points are up today, so a little more humid conditions will be felt later in Indiana. By the end of the weekend, we will feel the hottest, most humid weather of the year in the state so far this year.

As the heat starts to build, there will be the chance for a stray shower or storm. Otherwise, there will be a mix of sun and clouds today with afternoon temperatures in the middle and upper 80s. Look for a warm but dry evening if you are headed to the Ruoff Mortgage Music Center tonight for the Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton concert.

90 degree heat is in the weekend forecast. Late afternoon temperatures will near 90 degrees on Saturday and reach the lower and middle 90s on Sunday and Monday. You will want to take precautions from the heat. In addition to the high heat, we are also tracking high humidity. This will lead to feels like temperatures in the range of 100 to 105 degrees. Remember your pets will need extra attention, extra shade and extra water.

The heat will last into early next, with highs in the 90s on Monday too. There is a chance for a few storms on Monday, with a better chance for rain Tuesday into early Wednesday.

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