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Friday Fit Tip: Running vs. walking

The key to walking or running is consistency.

INDIANAPOLIS — For Friday's Fit Tip, Anne Marie Tiernon took a walk with Jeremy Stephens from DYC Fitness on the Downtown Canal, and their conversation centered on the debate of walking vs. running as the better way to stay fit.

"I think they're both great," Stephens said. "Walking, in particular, is a vastly underrated form of cardio. It's easy on your joints, and if you're looking to just live an active, healthy lifestyle, anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 steps on a daily basis is going to get you to your goals very quickly."

Depending on your goals, running is, by far, the most efficient way to burn calories compared to walking because you burn about twice as many calories per minute running compared to walking. 

But running, as Stephens pointed out, is a lot harder on your joints and is maybe not as social as walking. 

"You see, we're here on the Canal, you know, we're just talking, having a great conversation while we're still getting great cardio in, as well," he said during the walk.

The key to walking or running is consistency. Stephens said, "Consistency is king every day of the week."

Whether you walk or run, regardless of your choice, you need to get moving every day to become your best you.

So your Friday Fit Tip this week is to get off the couch and take that first step. Then, take the next step and begin building up your momentum.

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