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Friday Fit Tip: Tap dancing

Tap dance is a sneaky cardio workout because you raise your heart rate.

INDIANAPOLIS — For this week's Friday Fit Tip we went downtown to Dance Works Indy with Jalea Brooks to learn how to tap dance.

Jalea said, "I used to put on my church shoes and just tap on the hardwood floor at home, I never took any official classes so I'm excited about this."

Gabby teaches three classes of tap each week for adults and told us the basics we should know.

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She said to start with your stance, "Stay nice and soft in those knees, keeping those ankles relaxed - nice and loose." Gabby explained that tap dance is a "sneaky cardio" workout because you really get your heart rate up when you're tap dancing.  

The shuffle is the basic step using one leg as a base and tapping with the toe of your other foot. "Having your leg lifted, you're going to kick your toe forward and up, and that's it. 'Shuffle' even sounds like the step. 'Shuf-full,'" Gabby said, rhythmically tapping her foot as she moved her leg to the front, the side, and to the back of her plant leg. "If you want to get fancy, you can like cross it," she said as she moved her tap two behind her.

You don't have to have tap shoes to come to class. Come in your sneakers and then go buy tap shoes afterward if you like it.

Watch Gabby's dance demonstration in the video player.

Tap dancing is another fun activity to do together with a friend as you work to be a best you.

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