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Friday Fit Tip: Partners Pilates side line leg exercise

The side line leg exercise is good for the seat, hips, legs and spine.

INDIANAPOLIS — Friday's Fit Tip demonstrates partners Pilates with WTHR's Anne Marie Tiernon and Lindsey Monroe, a long-time Pilates devotee. Our expert, Susan Holewinski at Indy Pilates Plus, walks them through a move called side line legs.

"It's good for the seat. It's good for your hips, the front of your hips, and it's good for your spine," said Holewinski.

Starting on your side facing each other, bring your shoulders to the back of the mat and hips to the back of the mat. Then you bring your legs forward for balance and lift your top leg up no higher than your hip. Flex your foot and reach your heels toward each other, then point your toes and reach back and get long, extending your raised leg and working to stretch it out as far as you can. 

As you flex your foot and reach forward, the back of the leg lengthens. That pull should feel good. 

Then lower that leg, and repeat the move the same side 5-to-8 times before flipping over to work your other side.  

The great thing about this exercise is that you don't need expensive equipment. You can do it right on your floor at your own home as you work to be a best you.

Watch Susan work with Lindsey and Anne Marie in the video player.

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