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Friday Fit Tip: Starving yourself will not lead to weight loss

To lose weight, try eating 500 fewer calories per day, or burn 500 more calories by working out.

INDIANAPOLIS — Friday's Fit Tip this week begins with 13News anchor Anne Marie Tiernon scrolling on her computer during a lunch break at the WTHR studio. 

She sees multiple stories about Kim Kardashian losing 16 pounds to fit into a dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe. Kardashian said she lost the weight in three weeks, but said she said she didn't starve herself to accomplish the weight loss. Instead, she was running on the treadmill, using a sauna and cut sugar and carbohydrates from her diet. She ate only the cleanest vegetables and protein.

So with that in mind, this Friday's Fit Tip is that you should not starve yourself to lose weight. 

"If you just stop eating all of a sudden, it really messes with your metabolism," Tiernon explained. "Your body doesn't know when it's going to get food next, and it then starts storing fat, and that's the last thing you want to happen."

Tiernon said if you want to lose weight, make sure you consume 500 fewer calories per day. You can also burn 500 more calories than usual through working out.  

"If you do that every day," Tiernon said, "in one week, you're going to lose one pound. And that is the way to safely lose weight."

So this Friday's Fit Tip is to not starve yourself for a dress, for the upcoming bathing suit season, or anything else.    


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