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Carmel voice actor lands leading role in Netflix animated series

The first season of "Sharkdog" is now streaming on Netflix.

CARMEL, Ind. — Carmel seventh-grader Liam Mitchell landed his first big role late last year in the new Netflix series "Sharkdog."

He plays Max, the owner of a half-dog, half-shark pet.

"I use Max as my own self. I just up the energy, and Max is me," Liam said.

Liam has always been an actor and landed an agent in Los Angeles after attending an acting camp. From there, he landed a lead role on "Sharkdog."

"I was just super excited. I didn't really know what to expect. I had never done something this large," Liam said.

"You submit so many opportunities, and you're looking for one to land. Sometimes, the one you don't expect to land lands, which is what happened here. It's much more impactful," said Liam's father, Will.

Liam isn't recording from a flashy studio in Los Angeles — his voice work in the Netflix series is done from a tiny closet in the basement of his Carmel home.

Although it's tight, it gets the job done. Now, Liam is reaching audiences everywhere.

Credit: WTHR/John Doran
Carmel seventh-grader Liam Mitchell records voiceover work in a tiny closet in the basement of his home.

"It didn't really sink in until I saw the trailer," Liam said. "Once I saw the trailer, I was just in awe. Like, that's me? That's who I am? And once I saw the cast list had my name, I was just completely in awe."

"To have something that is as mainstream as this, with Netflix and Nickelodeon collaborating, for him to get that opportunity, I think we were blown away," Will said. "We expected stuff much more localized initially, but to get this opportunity has been a God-given gift."

The first season of "Sharkdog" is now streaming on Netflix.

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