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Inside the Huddle: Matt Ryan says Colts moving forward with lessons learned from loss

"We went down there, we did not play the way we're capable of," Ryan said of the loss in Jacksonville.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan joined 13Sports Director Dave Calabro Wednesday to discuss how the team is moving forward following a highly disappointing Week 2 loss to the Jaguars and their preparations for their home opener against the Chiefs.

Dave Calabro: Welcome Inside the Huddle once again, and thank you Matt Ryan for joining us. I know it's been a tough week, so lets get right to it. What happened? No one expected (the loss in Jacksonville.)

Matt Ryan: Yeah, certainly not ourselves. We went down there, we did not play the way we're capable of. You know, what matters for us now is how we move forward and how we improve as a result of that and the lessons that you learn during games like that, and I think we will.

DC: We watched Peyton Manning and others build offensive lines. We watched Andrew Luck. Tell me about the confidence you have in this offensive line. You've gotten sacked five times. Are the right guys there? You're confident in these guys, right?

MR: Yeah, I'm confident in them. We've got to play better across the board, but when you look at it, offensive line is tough. You can have 70 plays in a game and 68 of them are great and you have two that are not so good, and it becomes a tough day for you. I think if we all just tighten up across the board, just play a little bit more together, you know, not just offensive line but backs and wide receivers and myself, if we just stay connected, we're going to be just fine.

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DC: What is the mood and attitude coming into this huge game Sunday?     

MR: I think you have to have a great attitude every time you step into the building and you go to work, and sometimes an irrational self belief that we're gonna go make plays. There's no doubt about it, you have to be confident and I believe we have that kind of group.

DC: What are you expecting Sunday against a Chiefs team that's on fire right now?

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MR: I think it's going to be an awesome atmosphere. Even in the preseason, those games were packed and people were fired up, so I'm looking forward to being in that stadium Sunday and putting on a performance for people to cheer about.

Riley Kid of the Week

DC: Tell us about he Riley Kid of the Week 

MR: Jha'vion Shelton, 16 years old, had a kidney transplant two years ago this week. He's doing great, he loves sports. We're fired up to call him out today and we're glad he's doing well. 

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