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Colts' Rigoberto Sanchez reads to and shares heritage with students at IPS elementary school

The punter's visit to Ernie Pyle Elementary School was the kickoff of the team's weeklong celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hispanic Heritage Month began Sept. 15, and on Tuesday, an Indianapolis Colts player shared his heritage with students at an Indianapolis school.

Rigoberto Sanchez, a punter for the team since 2017, read a book to students at Ernie Pyle Elementary.

"Any opportunity I get to come read to the kids or do some community Tuesday, it's always an honor, a privilege. Having the platform that we have, it's amazing," said Sanchez.

13Sports Director Dave Calabro asked Sanchez about Hispanic Heritage Month and why it's important to him to tell the students what he's experienced.

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"I grew up speaking both languages, and today, I get the privilege to speak both languages to them, and they get to see that I made it out and to have the same opportunities to one day do the same thing," Sanchez said. "That's definitely the biggest thing for me, just encouraging them to look forward to something."

Sanchez said the encouragement to read began in his youth.

"My mom, always, and my dad, they always were on top of me for, like, reading, doing my homework every time I got home after school, so they definitely were somebody who put me in the right direction," he said.

We asked Sanchez about the rough 48 hours the Colts have just gone through and the loss in Jacksonville.

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"We just gotta keep working, put that behind us and keep working because it's a long season and we're going to get through this," said Sanchez.

Calabro pointed out that it's just Week 2.

"Of course, and it's all about responding," Sanchez said. "That's just how this league works, all around the league you see it. And we've done it before, so we'll be alright.

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