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Milk and Cookies: IndyCar drivers' most embarrassing moments and superstitions

One driver thought he was sending a personal text to his girlfriend, but he ended up sending the message to a few hundred other people.

AUSTIN, Texas — Ever send a personal text to the wrong person? Find out who thought he was texting his girlfriend but ended up sending the message to a few hundred other people! 

Dave gets personal with IndyCar’s champions and discovers who considered being a biochemist and who drives with his knees.

Other career

Dave Calabro: 

OK, so what we do is we ask people to send in questions, and we pick some of the worst ones.

If racing doesn't didn't work out as a job, what would you be doing right now if you weren’t a race car driver?

2016 Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi:

Stand up comic. (silence)


Dave: You’d be homeless.

Rossi: That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever said!

Dave: I’m teasing.

Rossi: That's a great question. I always used to say that I’d be like, like a biochemist.

Dave: Really?

Rossi: I’m serious:

Dave: Seriously? Yeah. I could see that.

Rossi: Yeah. Because I always wanted… I love chemistry, and I love like the medical side of chemistry, but I never had the confidence to be a doctor.

Dave: You're the guy who set the curve for the rest of us, weren’t you?

 Rossi: I tried.


Dave:  Are you superstitious?

2013 Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan:  Ah...100 percent. I always put my left shoe first. I always get inside the car from the left side. And a couple other things.

Dave: Come on, what else?

Kanaan: I have a lucky underwear.

Dave: You wear the same underwear for every race?

Kanaan: Yeah. I pick one that I think is the winner. Well, obviously my 2013 underwear is gone by now.

Most embarrassing moment

Dave: Most embarrassing moment in your life?

2019 Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud: In my life?

Dave: Anything jump out at you?

Pagenaud: Yes. It was right after a race in Portland. My girlfriend at the time … We were messaging, and the conversation got a little heated, in a good way. I'm not gonna go into details.

And on the flip phone, I had group of messages, and I would send them results of the race, and I was doing that the same time she was sending me messages. So, I sent the message to her to about 350 people.

I didn't get many response back.

Bad real world driver

Dave talking with Scott Dixon: Which other driver would you not ride in a car with? I will say this, full disclosure, Tony Kanaan told me that he would not get in the car with you.

30 Minutes Earlier…

Tony Kanaan: Dixon.

Dave: Dixon?

Kanaan: Oh, yeah. He can drive a race car 100 percent better than anybody I've ever met. Cannot drive a car.

Back to Dave talking with Dixon...

Dixon: Yeah, and Dario would probably say the same, which I don't know why. I think it's because I'm never really paying attention. I'm always like talking and multi-tasking. You know, I use my knees a lot, which I think is probably illegal but the knees are handy to drive a car when you're eating and on the phone.

You’re probably not allowed to do that either.

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