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IUPUI students protesting after sexual assault

An organizer said he hopes the protest will spark a movement within university leaders and advocate for student safety.

INDIANAPOLIS — Several IUPUI students hosted a peaceful protest Wednesday to bring awareness about sexual assault on campus.

An IUPUI spokesperson confirmed to 13News it has received a number of sexual assault reports in the past few weeks.

The most recent attack happed in a stairwell near freshman Noah Thomas' dorm. He is one of the organizers of the protest. He said it has shaken the campus community.

“Women feel uncomfortable walking around late at night or early in the mornings. Women and men should not feel uncomfortable to walk alone at night at a campus where they are going to be living. They should be feeling safe,” said Thomas.

He said he hopes the protest will spark a movement within university leadership and advocate for student safety.

“It’s just terrible and I hope change happens. We just need to advocate for cameras and the safety of our students,” said Thomas.

Specifically, Thomas and others want the cameras to be installed in stairwells, hallways and elevators.

“Cameras have been talked about for years but they haven’t done it. We hope to change that,” he said.      

An IUPUI spokesperson had this to say about student concerns:

"Any instance of sexual assault on our campus is one too many. We appreciate our students calling attention to these most recent incidents. We constantly review our safety measures and are examining what policies and equipment, including some that the students are calling for, would make the most difference. We do want to make sure all IUPUI students are aware of the numerous resources now available through our sexual assault prevention, intervention, and response task force at https://sapir.iupui.edu/."

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