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32 arrested in Johnson County drug sweep, 17 remain at large

Three police agencies have spent months conducting undercover drug buys and collecting information for charges.

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin and Greenwood police departments announced the arrests of dozens of people in a drug sweep.

The agencies have spent months conducting undercover drug buys and collecting that information for charges.

On Aug. 8, they came together to make arrests in the investigation. Those arrests happened in Johnson and surrounding counties. 

The operation arrested 32 of 50 suspects. Police said another suspect has passed away, and they are still looking for the 17 remaining suspects.

Those captured include:

  1. Autumn Felumero
  2. Carl Scott
  3. Starla Adams
  4. Seth Bay
  5. Hayden Ratliff
  6. Elisha Quarles
  7. Robert Stone
  8. Andy Boner
  9. Jonathan Gibson
  10. Jason Boone
  11. Cassandra Landis
  12. Rachel Warner
  13. Kyle Sherman
  14. Brandon Staley
  15. Jesse Turner
  16. Jennifer Turner
  17. Charles Williams
  18. David Luster Jr
  19. Kristoni Tucker
  20. Aaron Burkart
  21. Melanie Dow
  22. Ruby Butler
  23. Michael Pisano
  24. David Farmer
  25. Natoshia Alldredge
  26. Gladys Livesay
  27. Jakob Boudreau
  28. Cynthia Hood
  29. Damien Tyler
  30. Kailey Borszem
  31. Micaih Murray
  32. Dustin Whetstine

All 32 suspects arrested are facing dealing charges. One of the suspects allegedly brought an infant to one of the drug buys.

Credit: Johnson County Jail

The 17 who remain at large include:

  • Tony Williams
  • Misty Phelps
  • Michael Wiederhold
  • Michael Northcutt
  • Marty Gibson
  • Ashlynn Ramage
  • Nolan Brumley
  • Darrell Waltz
  • Ashley Armour
  • Emily Parrish
  • Robert Shelton
  • Jami Barroso
  • Derek Gorham
  • Colby Whittemore
  • Damon Nance Jr.
  • Jonathan Bickelman
  • Christian Lee Merrill
Credit: Johnson County Sheriff's Office
Police are looking for 17 suspects identified through a monthslong undercover investigation.

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