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Libby German's grandfather reacts to police interview transcript and investigators' call for more information

Mike Patty said it was "shocking" to learn that a potential suspect was talking with his granddaughter online before her death.

DELPHI, Ind. — The family of Libby German says they were surprised to learn the Delphi teenager was talking online with a potential suspect in her death.

"It was shocking to me," said Libby's grandfather, Mike Patty.

That's how he describes learning that someone using the social media profile "anthony_shots" had been talking online with his granddaughter before her death.

And, according to a recently released transcript of a police interview, that whoever was using that profile the day Libby and her friend, Abby Williams, were murdered, had plans to meet Libby on a trail near Delphi that same day and ended up being one of the last people to talk with the teen before she and Abby were killed.

"I've been led to believe all along by the police this entire time that there wasn't information there. Obviously, that was a piece of information they were holding tight to their vest," said Patty, speaking about his granddaughter's online activity.

Those details came out last month, when a pair of local podcasters found a transcript online of an interview police did with a Peru, Indiana man, Kegan Kline, in August 2020, shortly after they arrested Kline on child exploitation charges.

Credit: Miami County Sheriff's Department
Kegan Anthony Kline

That 194-page document has since been sealed, but in it, investigators question Kline about the social media profile, anthony_shots, they say he admitted to creating six months before Libby and Abby were murdered to meet and get nude photos from underage girls.

"It really just takes your breath away to actually see that so close here, Midwestern, central Indiana atmosphere and have somebody that actually goes out and actually plans and stalks and preys on our children, it's sickening," said Patty.

Kline has never been named a suspect in Abby and Libby's murders. Police searched the home he shared with his father 11 days after the girls' bodies were found. At that time, they took several phones and other electronic devices.

Investigators say what they found on those devices led to the current charges Kline is set to stand trial for in September.

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The interview transcript also showed that investigators questioned Kline about whether his father had access to the anthony_shots profile.

"You can't negate the fact that they are very interested in this account and who had access to that and who was using that account and is there a there, there? Potentially. Potentially. But again, I got to rely on the investigating team," said Patty.

This week, there was a new call from investigators, asking for anyone who may have had contact with anthony_shots on the social media dating app Yellow - or Yubo - which has been described as "Tinder for teens."

"Here's an opportunity to help and really aid in this space and help in this case," said Patty, adding he believes it's the public's help that will finally help investigators connect the dots they need to get justice for his granddaughter and Abby Williams.

"It's what's gotten us to this point. It just keeps taking us further and collectively with everybody's help, we're going to get this guy," said Patty.

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