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Milk and Cookies: Helio Castroneves does his best impersonation of... Helio

Three-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves knows he has some enthusiastic catch phrases and he owns it.

INDIANAPOLIS — My favorite time of the year is here — it's May! The Indy 500 is unlike any other sport! From the pageantry to the thrill of 33 drivers going 225 miles an hour. But the personalities truly make the Indy 500 special.

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know the drivers away from the limelight. These drivers have some funny personalities. We were looking for a way to let you meet the REAL people behind the helmets!

So each year, we bring you "Milk & Cookies!" Every driver loves milk in Victory Lane and cookies in the offseason, so this is a chance to get to know these unique athletes in a fun way. We ask all the drivers a series of off-the-wall questions and we get their natural reactions.

I hope you will watch this month's edition of Milk & Cookies!

Pandemic binge watching

DAVE: During the last year, what show did you binge watch?


DAVE: You’re a young guy. I’m sure you were watching Netflix or something?

HERTA: Yeah, I mostly binge-watched Mandalorian when it comes out.

DAVE: Was it good?

HERTA: It was amazing.

DAVE: Amazing? I should watch it?

HERTA: You should. Have you not?

DAVE: Old guy like me should watch it?

HERTA: Do you like Star Wars?

DAVE: Maybe. (shrugs)

HERTA: You’re gonna upset a lot of people with that answer.

DAVE: Yeah, I do! I love it! I love it a lot!

Driver you'd like to beat

DAVE: Last lap of the Indy 500, which driver would you like to beat to the finish line the most?


RYAN HUNTER-REAY: Any of them.



JACK HARVEY: Don’t care.

NEWGARDEN: As long as I’m first, and they’re second, and we’re winning the race, I don’t care who it is.

Pandemic binge eating

DAVE: What food did you binge on the past year? Was there one…

GRAHAM RAHAL: (laughs and points to the plate of cookies)

DAVE: Cookies?


DAVE: Cookies? Are you a sweets guy?

RAHAL: Oh, dude! Oh, man. Cookies. Ah, sweets are definitely…

DAVE: ‘Cause since you walked in the room, you’ve been like…. (leans forward to smell cookies)

It’s so good.

RAHAL: Oh, yeah. It’s like right under my nose. I have the Rahal nose, you know. It’s fairly large. I can get… It’s running right up there.

Helio impersonating Helio

DAVE: Do your best Helio impersonation.

HELIO CASTRONEVES: My, maaaaan! How you doing? (laughs) That was good, huh? My man! Come on, brother.

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