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IndyCar drivers talk pandemic hobbies and push-up contests

Dave talks with drivers over milk and cookies and found out the competitiveness goes beyond the track.

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Dave Calabro served up some milk and cookies to get this year’s Indy 500 drivers to open up about which three historical figures they’d invite to a small dinner party of their personal "front row." 

Dave also wants to know which driver can do the most push-ups. (There is great agreement about who wins that bet and who does NOT.)

Plus, find out what pandemic hobbies the drivers picked up to keep their engines revving.

Pandemic hobbies

JOSEF NEWGARDEN: Just, you know, nesting. Nesting has been my hobby. Trying to get everything ready, which is not easy.

SCOTT DIXON: Juggling. I did work on my juggling skills.

DAVE: Wait, can you juggle?

SCOTT: A little bit. You know, I’m still learning on the three balls. I haven’t graduated to four.

ALEXANDER ROSSI: How to fly an airplane.

DAVE: Seriously?

ALEXANDER: Yeah. I got my pilot’s license.

DAVE: Wow!

CONOR DALY: Streaming. Yeah, I played a lot of video games. Streaming on Twitch. Tried to do a lot of online motor sport and online competitions. So, that was it.

TAKUMA SATO: Tidy up gardening.

DAVE: Gardening?


DAVE: What kind of gardening?

TAKUMA: (laughs) Just said tidy up.

DAVE: Oh, tidy up. Tidy up your garden.


DAVID MALUKAS: I actually recently got into coding, like programming and stuff. That’s been interesting.

Dinner party guests from history

ÁLEX PALOU: I would pick Elon Musk. I would pick The Rock. I would pick Tom Holland.

DAVE: I don’t know Tom Holland.

ÁLEX: He’s Spiderman.

DAVE: Oh, Spiderman. Oh, okay. See, I’m old.

CALLUM ILOTT: Muhammad Ali.

DAVE: Oh, good choice.

CALLUM: To be fair, I would do Mike Tyson, as well. And maybe Ghandi. Somehow…

DAVE: Oh, that’s..

CALLUM: Be a bit spiritual.

TONY KANAAN: I would invite Michael Jordan. AJ Foyt just for the fun of it. I’m picking sports, okay?

DAVE: Yeah.

TONY: And probably Peyton Manning.

DAVE: There you go. That’d be a fun dinner party.

Who can do the most push-ups?

PATO O'WARD: Probably Josef.

KYLE KIRKWOOD: Uh, Josef Newgarden.

RINUS VEEKAY: I think Josef.

TONY: I would say Josef.

DAVE: You couldn’t beat Josef in push-ups?

TONY: No, I… am I including myself?!?

DAVE: Yeah!

TONY: Oh, yeah. Me. Ppft!


ROMAIN GROSJEAN: Oh, Josef Newgarden.

WILL POWER: That’s a tough one.

DAVE: Lots of people said Newgarden.

WILL: Yeah. I reckon I could probably beat him in push-ups.

DAVE: You think so?

WILL: I reckon I could.

DAVE: I like that.

JOSEF NEWGARDEN: Oh, definitely me.

DAVE: You would dominate?

JOSEF: I think so.

DAVE: Will Power was telling me he could give you a run.

JOSEF: Will Power one year told me he could do 400 pushups in a row….

ALEXANDER: Definitely not Will Power because he tried last year and couldn’t do it. Yeah, he couldn’t back it up. Definitely not.

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