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IndyCar drivers talk barroom fighting and who is the most GQ

The drivers make it clear they're up for some trouble as they talk with Dave over Milk & Cookies

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Who’s a fighter? Who’s a fashion icon? 13News Sports Director Dave Calabro asks this year’s Indy 500 drivers the tough questions.

Of course, he does it over a plate of cookies and with a bottle of milk (that no one should try to drink!)

And that means there’s more than a little bit of fun during this annual question session. I mean, can you really miss a chance to call Dave the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

It’s clear IndyCar’s drivers know each other and Dave pretty well.

Which driver is the most GQ?


DAVE: No doubt?

SIMON: No doubt.


DAVE: Oh yeah. He’s very fashionable, isn’t he?

WILL POWER: It’s got to be between Jack Harvey and Hélio.

RINUS VEEKAY: So, I think GQ… Jack Harvey.

DAVID MALUKAS: I say Jack Harvey recently, from what I’ve seen.

SCOTT MCLAUGHLIN: (referring to Jack Harvey) His jaw line is good. He’s a good looking bloke, isn’t he?


DAVE: Hang on, let me get a mirror!

JACK: Hello! (unclear) I like I could be kind of that guy.

DAVE: You are the winner.


DAVE: You are the winner. I think every single driver has mentioned that you are Mister GQ.

JACK: OK. Cool.

DAVE: What do you think of that?

JACK: (laughing) I almost would have given myself that one. I was thinking about… I was thinking about which driver it could be. I don’t know. None of them really sprung to mind.

Partner in a barroom fight?

DEVLIN DEFRANCESCO: I gotta go with Pato, man. That guy’s a decent boxer. He’s been a good friend of mine, so when he gets going… yeah, I think he’d…

DAVE: He’d be all fired up.

DEVLIN: He’d be fired up, yeah. He’d be the one I want to have in my corner.

MARCUS ERICSSON: I would probably pick Josef, right? Josef or maybe Graham. He’s also a big dude.

COLTON HERTA: See, Josef’s big, but I don’t think he could fight at all.

ED CARPENTER: I think I’ll go with Hélio. And I say this because I know that he does a lot of boxing.

TONY KANAAN: Oh, Dixon. He’ll beat the h--- out of people, man.

DALTON KELLETT: I feel like Will would just be like.. would just be a wild card.

PATO O'WARD: Will Power.

DAVE: Really?

PATO: Yeah! That guy will throw down just to be able to throw down.

JACK: Graham.

JOSEF NEWGARDEN: Graham. Gimme that mass.

JIMMIE JOHNSON: Well, actually, I’d go to Graham Rahal on this one.

GRAHAM RAHAL: Everybody’s saying me in this thing, aren’t they? Yeah, as I said... the big guy.

SIMON: Power! He’s like a kangaroo. He would love it, too.

How do you get your adrenaline rush going in the off season?

SIMON: I love skiing.

ALEXANDER ROSSI: Bourbon tasting. Sure, that gets the blood going.

KYLE KIRKWOOD: I surf. I fish. I freedive.

CONOR DALY: Travis Pastrana usually has something up his sleeve.

DAVE: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with Travis?

CONNOR: There was a hot tub in the back of a limo that was a convertible. We jumped it like 80 feet at his house. World’s first hot tub limo jump.

CHRISTIAN LUNDGAARD: Drive too fast. (laughing)

FELIX ROSENQVIST: I tried to get it, but I can’t.

DAVE: There’s nothing like it, right?

FELIX: I’ve tried everything. I’ve jumped out of planes. I’ve done mountain bike, skiing, but nothing replaces it.

What would the Indy 500 mascot be?

PATO: A cow!

FELIX: Probably, like Hélio. I feel like... I just think about him when I think about the 500.

KYLE: Probably, Hélio or something. He’s won four of them now.

CHRISTIAN: Hélio Castroneves’ face. Just because he’s won.

DIXON: You! Look at this.

DAVE: (Laughs) Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

DIXON: You are Mister Indy 500.

DAVE: Oh, yeah.

DIXON: So let’s go with Dave Calabro. Gonna go with Dave Calabro.

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