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IndyCar drivers discuss dinner party guests and guilty pleasures

Dave brings the milk and the cookies to learn who the drivers would invite to a dinner party and to talk guilty pleasures.

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Each year, before the Indianapolis 500, 13Sports director Dave Calabro gets together with IndyCar’s drivers to get to know them a little better, to ask some probing questions and to have more than a few laughs.

This time, Dave brings the milk and the cookies to learn who the drivers would invite to a dinner party and to talk guilty pleasures. We dare you to order and actually eat Josef Newgarden’s post-race order at McDonald’s!

Former driver you wish you could have raced against?

HÉLIO  CASTRONEVES: Rick Mears. That would be phenomenal. He would kick my butt, but…

DAVE: You think?

HÉLIO: It would be a battle, but he’s a tough dude, man.

DALTON KELLETT: Probably Rick Mears, I think.

TONY KANAAN: Probably A.J.

DAVE: How would A.J. race you, do you think?

TONY: Dirty as h---? And I would do the same.

DAVE: (laughter)

TONY: Chopping each other off and probably get in a fight at the end.

TAKUMA SATO: A.J. Foyt. I know he’s fast, strong. And I want to be ... I want to challenge him.

SCOTT DIXON: A.J., Mario. You know, Rick. There’s just so many.

ALEXANDER ROSSI: Honestly, Mario, ‘cause I’ve gotten to know him so well over the years, and he still thinks he can beat all of us.

DAVE: (laughs)

ALEXANDER: And I just don’t think that’s true. It might be? But if we race, we can figure it out.

Who is a safe driver?

DAVE: If you need another driver to pick up your mom or kids, to drive them home safely, which driver would you pick and why?

DAVID MALUKAS: None of them.

KYLE KIRKWOOD: That’s a good question.

TAKUMA: I would probably trust Will Power. He’s the slowest driver on the public roads. He can’t even merge into the intersection to the motorway.

FELIX ROSENQVIST: Marcus Ericsson.

DAVE: You would?

FELIX: He’s the slowest guy on the road. Marcus would be in the right lane getting passed by the trucks.


DAVE: You would?

ÁLEX: Oh, yeah. 100%.


DAVE: Really?

COLTON: He’s like the nicest guy ever.

JIMMIE JOHNSON: Scott Dixon. He has more children than I do.

DAVE: He’s old.

JIMMIE: He’s old. Responsible ... at least most of the time. So, I’d pick Dixon.

Historic dinner guests?

DAVE: If you were having a dinner party with three people from history, who would you invite and why?

TATIANA CALDERÓN: Roger Federer. Then probably Ayrton Senna. And I haven’t met A.J. yet…

DAVE: Oh, you haven’t?

TATIANA: So, I’ll go with A.J.

CHRISTIAN LUNDGAARD: Senna is one of them. Michael Jackson, just for the music.

DAVE: Oh, that’d be cool.

CHRISTIAN: Kevin Hart.

DAVE: Oh, that’s a good one. He’d be hilarious, wouldn’t he?

CONOR DALY: Rick Mears, George Washington and General Patton. A lot of great Americans.

ALEXANDER: Abraham Lincoln, Machine Gun Kelly and Tom Brady.

Guilty pleasures?

DAVID: Chocolate covered rice cakes.

CONOR: I like to buy Pokémon cards.

TONY: I work out literally to, like, Cher.

HÉLIO: That was me!

DAVE: You like Cher music, too?

HÉLIO: Yeah. That was me!

DAVE: Come on! You don’t even know who Cher is?

TONY & HÉLIO: (singing) Do you believe in life after love?

DAVE: Something I didn’t expect to hear today!

HÉLIO: That’s my guilty pleasure.

JOSEF NEWGARDEN: McDonald’s. I mean…

DAVE: Cheeseburgers or….

JOSEF: It’s a very big order.

Dave: It is?

JOSEF: It’s a big order. It’s like…

DAVE: Oh, come on. What would you order?

JOSEF: Three double cheeseburgers,a fish filet. That happens. An order of, like, nuggets...

DAVE: Wait…

JOSEF: A large fry...

DAVE: This is one order?

JOSEF: Yeah. And a McFlurry. And I would get some crispy chicken sandwiches, too.

DAVE: No you wouldn’t.

JOSEF: I swear.

DAVE: You can knock all that down?

JOSEF: Yeah! After a race...100%. If it’s a bad race...no problem.

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