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Same goals, very different approaches. What you need to know about Indiana’s Secretary of State candidates

This month, senior investigative reporter Bob Segall interviewed all three candidates appearing on the Secretary of State ballot about their ideas and priorities.

Bob Segall

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Published: 5:24 PM EDT October 21, 2022
Updated: 10:56 AM EDT October 22, 2022

Indiana will soon elect a new Secretary of State to oversee voter registration and statewide elections.

Because of false claims and disinformation involving recent elections, the spotlight on the Secretary of State’s office has never been brighter.

That’s why 13News wants you to get to know the candidates.

Democrat Destiny Wells, Republican Diego Morales and Libertarian Jeff Mauer all say they want to protect the integrity of Indiana elections and improve voter turnout. But they each plan to implement very different strategies to accomplish those goals.

This month, senior investigative reporter Bob Segall interviewed all three candidates appearing on the Secretary of State ballot. They discussed their ideas and priorities for the Secretary of State’s office, while also addressing the controversies and serious allegations that have surfaced during the race. No questions or topics were off the table.

Below you will find an in-depth profile of the candidates. And because those broadcast profiles were edited for clarity and time considerations, 13News is also providing you access to the extended interviews with all three of the candidates so you can see their more detailed responses to each of Bob’s questions.

Each candidate was asked the same 10 questions about their background, their priorities, and their policy positions involving elections and the functions of the Secretary of State’s office. 13News also asked each candidate a series of separate questions specific to their policies and previous statements, with time to address the multiple controversies that could impact voters’ decisions at the polls.

Two additional candidates have also filed paperwork to qualify as write-in candidates. Because their names will not appear on the statewide ballot, 13News did not conduct 1-on-1 interviews with the write-in candidates or include them in televised profiles. But because votes for these candidates will be counted in the state’s final vote tally, 13News did invite them to submit their responses to the same general questions posed to each of the balloted candidates. Their responses can also be seen below.

Check back for more detailed analysis and updates about the Secretary of State’s race through election day.

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