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Video shows IMPD officers catching and rescuing mom and 2 young children from fire

Officers ran to a window where a mother was holding her children out a window pleading for help.

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD released video of officers rescuing two children and their mother from a burning apartment. 

Emergency calls came in from the Pine Glen Apartments at 3:38 a.m. on April 11.

IMPD officers arrived and were working to get people out of the buildings.

Within minutes, officers hear a woman screaming for help from the second story.

"Please help me! Help! I can't breathe and I got my kids in here," she said.

"Where are they?" an officer asks.

"In my bed," she answers.

The officer radios for help and then asks the woman to drop her children down to them. The children, she tells him, are 2 and 3 years old.

With smoke pouring out of the building, she be heard telling her children, 'It's OK, I promise."

Seconds later, police catch both children and then their mother. All three were unhurt.

"You did so good," an officer tells the children. "You guys are so brave. One day you're going to tell a story about how you jumped out a two-story window."

IFD said the fire started in an apartment when a 70-year-old man knocked over a candle, which caught a blanket on fire.

Firefighters said they also helped rescue multiple people who were trapped in their apartments. 

Four units were damaged in the fire.

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