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1-year-old dog rescued from Columbus river

Emergency crews said the 1-year-old boxer was stuck on a sandbar in the river.
Credit: Columbus Fire Department

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Firefighters in Columbus rescued a 1-year-old boxer from the Flat Rock River Thursday afternoon.

Crews were called to assist Columbus Animal Care Services around 12:30 p.m. for a report of a dog stranded on a sandbar.

Animal Care Services said they had been watching the boxer, named Kobe, for nearly 45 minutes.

While the fire department worked on a rescue plan, animal care personnel watched Kobe enter the water for brief periods before returning to the sandbar after each attempt to swim across the swift moving water.

While Kobe was being rescued, a passerby stopped on the bridge and told crews that he knew the owner of the dog.

The owner arrived at the scene as firefighters returned to the bridge with Kobe.

The owner told rescuers that Kobe had been missing since 10:30 p.m. Wednesday after jumping over a fence.

Credit: Columbus Fire Department

Firefighters said Kobe was not injured and was very excited for the attention.

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