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World's oldest living dog lives in Florida

A Chihuahua named TobyKeith set the record this year.
Credit: Guinness World Records/Gisela Shore
TobyKeith, oldest living dog at 21 years old. He lives in Greenacres, Florida.

GREENACRES, Fla. — Most pet dogs live between nine and 15 years, but a Chihuahua in Greenacres, Florida, had to be the overachiever.

TobyKeith, the 21-year-old Chihuahua, was recently verified as the oldest living dog by the Guinness World Records on March 16, according to the online reference book.

His owner, Gisela Shore, told Guinness World Records that she adopted him while volunteering at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue when he was just a few months old. An elderly couple surrendered him because they weren't able to take care of the puppy. Thus, Shore and TobyKeith's story began.

Now, the two have spent two decades together. She told the Guinness World Records she started to consider her dog to be the oldest dog living after he turned 20 years old. 

After the record was confirmed, everyone celebrated, including TobyKeith. The oldtimer got a bath, a pedicure and went for a car ride, according to the report. 

Shore believes his long life is a credit to daily exercise, a healthy diet and no sugary treats. While he has a heart condition, it doesn't give him much trouble, she says. 

The average life expectancy for a Chihuahua is 12 to 18 years. TobyKeith has by far exceeded that at 21 and 66 days.

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