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Road rage incident led to I-465 shooting, suspect charged

The shooting happened Jan. 3 around 3:15 p.m. on I-465, near Crawfordsville Road, on the city's west side.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police is sharing details about a road rage incident that led to a shooting on the west side of Indianapolis.

Michael Weir told police he was driving south on Interstate 465 in the center lane, near Crawfordsville Road, on Monday, Jan. 3 around 3:15 p.m. when he saw a light gray- or silver-colored Chevrolet Malibu driving in the left lane behind him. 

Weir said he merged into the left lane, ahead of the Malibu, and told police he didn’t "brake-check" or do anything that might provoke the driver of the Malibu, except not let it pass.

Then, Weir said he heard a loud noise as the Malibu merged into the center lane, initially thinking the driver threw something at his vehicle. 

Weir told police the the Malibu merged all the way to the right lane and sped up. As the Malibu came even with his vehicle, Weir said the driver fired three gunshots at his vehicle.

According to Weir, the Malibu got off I-465 on 10th Street.

Weir gave police a description of the driver, female passenger and license plate number.

Police took possession of Weir's vehicle to investigate and removed two bullets from it.

Then, police looked into the suspected vehicle, which was registered to Patricia Mosley, of Indianapolis. 

Investigators spoke with Patricia on Jan. 4 about the incident, and she provided the officer with her 27-year-old son's, Aarion Mosley, phone number. 

Police left Aarion a message on the phone number provided. 

On Jan. 5, Aarion called police with his side of the incident. Aarion told police he was driving south on I-465 between the 38th Street and Crawfordsville Road exits, when he saw a white pickup truck driving recklessly, cutting multiple vehicles off.

Aarion said the pickup truck consistently wouldn’t let other vehicles pass and continually slammed on its brakes in front of other vehicles. Aarion told police he tried to pass the pickup truck when the driver rolled down his window and flipped him off.

Aarion told police the only weapon he had in his vehicle was a box cutter for work and repeatedly denied having a firearm on him at the time of the incident.

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Police obtained search warrants for the Malibu and Aarion's home. 

According to court documents, Kenyonda Moore, Aarion's fiancé, told police she was the woman in the passenger seat of Aarion's vehicle during the incident a few days prior. She told police Aarion picked her up from work and was taking her back home when a white pickup truck was driving recklessly, continually cutting them off. 

Investigators claim, Moore said she told Aarion to "let it go" two times before he shot at the white pickup truck. The firearm was later discovered on a bedroom dresser in the home.

According to court documents, Aarion later told police the handgun found on the dresser was his and the one he used in the incident.

Aarion was arrested following the investigation and has been charged with criminal recklessness, felon in possession of a firearm and pointing a firearm.

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