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Couple delivers baby on side of Indiana highway

Emily Waddell is a mother of three, but she had sensed this delivery would be different.

VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind. — When Emily Waddell realized she might be going into labor, she called her husband home and they headed for the hospital.

"Even at that point, I told him whenever I told him to come home, I wasn't even positive like the baby was coming," she said.  "My contractions were 8 minutes apart. Then 35 minutes later, we had a baby on our hands."

As a mother of three, it wasn't her first rodeo — but this time would be different.

"Whenever we were getting on the interstate, I said out loud, 'I do not want to have a baby in the truck,'" Emily said.

"So, we get to the interstate, and we are moving," said her husband, Stephan. "Emily grabbed hold of my arm, and she was like, 'You have to pull over!'"

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Stephan jumped into action, catching the little girl as she came out.

"I found an iPhone charger in my truck and tied the umbilical cord off with that," he said.

As Stephan and Emily waited for help, Emily suctioned out the baby's mouth and nose, then called her sister, who is a labor and delivery nurse.

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"My sister was like, 'Wait, are you joking? No, you did not just have a baby on the interstate.' We're like, 'Yes, we did.'"

Reagan Waddell was was born Sept. 12 at mile-marker 12 on Interstate 69.

"Luckily, between the people on the phone and my sister, we were able to make things go smooth," Emily said. "Definitely had some guardian angels looking out for us."

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