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'Put the guns down': Indianapolis residents call for new anti-crime strategy

A Wednesday meeting of survivors, anti-gun violence groups and community leaders was called after a deadly Feb. 20 shooting outside an east side Chuck E. Cheeses.

INDIANAPOLIS — Survivors, anti-gun violence groups and community leaders gathered Wednesday to tell Indianapolis to put the guns down.

Many of them live with the trauma of gun violence daily.

"Enough is enough," said Deandra Dycus. "When are we going to get tired of seeing the daily news reports? A good doctor or a bad shooter is why my son survived when a stray bullet flew through the window and pierced him in the back of the head."

Della Brown and Ron Gee with Cease Fire Indy organized the event. Their mission is to bring people together to strategize on how to reduce violence In the city, and make sure neighbors have access to the resources they need.

Their mission became even more urgent after a deadly Feb. 20 shooting at an Indianapolis Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

"When you can shoot at a Chuck E. Cheese that's full of kids, you are selfish," said Dycus.

"It was very tragic," said Gee. "We set this meeting up because it's traumatizing kids. It's traumatizing to adults that really seen this."

During the meeting, they discussed what they believe is behind the violence.

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"Their home situation is not what it should be. They don't understand they can stay kids. Our kids aren't allowed to be kids nowadays. They grow up way too fast. Our kids have no fear of their parents." said one speaker. 

Those gathered Wednesday night know there is no simple answer to the problem, but believe if they tackle it together, they will see change.

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"What we are trying to do is come at it from a different approach. We are all just going to be one. We are going to spread our resources and the services we have and try and get those to the people in our communities," said Brown. 

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