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'Behind that badge was a woman of my dreams' | Fiancée of Officer Seara Burton remembers her love

Sierra Neal was set to marry Burton nine days after Burton was shot in the line of duty.

RICHMOND, Ind. — Sierra Neal, Officer Seara Burton's fiancée, spoke at her funeral and shared a more intimate side of the officer.

Neal was set to marry Burton nine days after Burton was shot in the line of duty.

During the funeral service Sept. 26, Neal spoke of the couple's first date.

"So our first date, it was at Kings Island. And it was one of the hottest days of the year, the feels like temperature was over 100. And I remember my brothers saying, 'hopefully you like her because that'll be one long, awkward date,' Neal said. "We spent eight hours together and still didn't want to leave. The connection was instant."

Neal also shared about Burton and her discussing the dangers of being an officer.

"I remember standing in the kitchen with her at the beginning of our relationship, and having a conversation with her discussing the dangers of her career. She asked me if I was willing to accept that being with an officer. I told her I would completely support her in her career. But even in that moment, I still felt there's no way something like this could happen to such a wonderful human. Even standing here right now...still isn't real," Neal said. "Behind that badge was a woman of my dreams. A woman who could be treated and talked to in awful ways for eight hours a day at work...and could still come home and laugh and be so kind-hearted."

Credit: WTHR
Men hold flags outside Richmond City Hall, where visitation was being held for fallen Officer Seara Burton.

Neal then spoke about the future she and Burton had planned for but, tragically, will never have.

"[Seara] was going to be the best mom to our future children that we already had names picked out for. A woman who never went a day without telling me just how beautiful I am, and how in love she was with me. A woman who left me love notes all over the place and made me coffee every morning," Neal said. 

She finished by talking about how she would remember Burton.

"She was my best friend, my lover, the heart of the happiest year of my life. I feel an emptiness without her here. But I will forever be thankful for the purest love she gave me and the wonderful family and friends she has have become mine," Neal said. "Seara, I promise to carry you with me and my heart everywhere I go. To love you and live for you until we meet again. My love, thank you."

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