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Community reacts to new questions from Delphi murder investigators

There's a renewed sense of hope following a state police announcement about a social media profile linked to their investigation.

DELPHI, Ind. — After the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi nearly five years ago, life changed for many in the small, tight-knit community.  

For some, the feelings of safety were gone, as pictures of the girls and the suspect posted in business windows served as reminders that closure has not yet arrived.  

Now, there's a renewed sense of hope with an announcement Monday from state police, asking for information about a social media profile linked to the investigation.

In downtown Delphi, photos of Libby and Abby on the walls inside the Pizza King are reminders that this tiny bedroom community is still waiting for justice.

“Everyone still walks around thinking, 'Will there ever be justice?'" said restaurant manager Amanda Schindler.

The man who killed Abby and Libby has never been found, despite thousands of tips, a police sketch of the suspect, along with his picture and audio of his voice recorded by Libby on her cell phone the day the girls were murdered in February 2017. 

“He’s still out there," said 17-year-old Ashlyn Remaly. 

As they work behind the restaurant’s counter, Remaly and 17-year-old Emma Douglas can see the pictures the two young girls, who were their classmates. 

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“There’s no closure. There’s no closure. It’s just like something you sit on and it just gets...the caution about it dies down, but you’re still worried about it," Douglas explained.

And that feeling never quite goes away. 

“I feel like people are still on edge about it," Remaly added.

But many, like Remaly and Douglas, as well as Libby's older sister, Kelsi, are hopeful, now that investigators on the case are asking for new information and tips from anyone who may have had contact with someone using the profile name "anthony_shots" on social media.

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“It’s a very good feeling, knowing they’re still working on it and they do have new information and new leads that they’re working on and it’s a new direction that we’re going," said Kelsi.

Investigators are not saying how the profile could be linked to the murders, only that they are looking for information from those who may have had contact with someone using that profile name. 

Court documents reveal the profile belongs to a man from Peru named Kegan Anthony Kline. 

Kline is currently jailed in Miami County, awaiting trial in a separate case involving child exploitation and child pornography. Police have not named Kline as a suspect in the murders of Abby and Libby in Delphi.

“Hopefully, this will be able to go to the next step of being able to find justice or at least this person that’s behind the fake profile will be able to lead them to somewhere else," said Schindler.

That somewhere, many hope, will be down a path of healing, where at the end will be the justice they seek for two girls whose names and faces are never far rom anyone’s mind. 

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