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Don't pay full price for gas. Do this instead

Between savings apps, cash back cards and remote work options, drivers have options for saving as gas prices skyrocket.

INDIANAPOLIS — Gas prices are skyrocketing and taking fewer trips isn't always possible. Here are some ideas to help you stack savings at the pump.

First, be intentional about where you fill up and use apps like GasBuddy to scout gas prices.

Once you get an idea of who is charging what, download a cashback app or sign up for a free loyalty program.

GasBuddy offers a program called GasBack and another popular cashback app is GetUpside. Both programs work a little differently.

For GasBuddy, users need to link a card. For GetsUpside, users must open the app ahead of time to claim the cashback offer first.

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Kroger also offers points toward your gas with its free rewards card. Your balance is on the bottom of receipts, but keep in mind they expire.

After picking the app you're most comfortable with, pull out your credit cards and revisit their rewards.

Rewards change over time, and if the card is a decade old, you might not be getting as much back as you think.

Apps and cards aside, be creative. Ask your boss if you can work remotely again. The worst they can do is say is no.

You can also ask around the office to see if anyone is available to carpool once or twice a week.

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