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Consumer Catch-up: Supermarkets stocking up ahead of expected price increases

It's an effort to protect store profit as big cost increases are said to be coming.

INDIANAPOLIS — Here's today's Consumer Catch-up.

Grubhub adds robot delivery

Grubhub plans to roll out food delivery robots on college campuses this fall.

The robots will be sent to some of the 250 schools where Grubhub already operates.

The use of robots and drones is aimed at cutting labor costs, one of the biggest obstacles to making delivery profitable.

Employers offer hiring incentives

But don't worry about Grubhub's addition of robots. There are still plenty of jobs out there that need your help. So much so, they're offering signing bonuses.

Amazon, Red Robin and Kittle's Furniture are each offering new hires $1,000, depending on the job role.

"That was the biggest struggle, just getting applications and getting people in, you know, we were looking everywhere we could," said Tyler Baker.

As for school bus drivers and Bob Evans management jobs, those bonuses are $2,000.

Keep in mind, bonuses are taxable and are paid in increments.

Microsoft urges immediate update

If you own a PC that runs Windows, Microsoft says you need to update it immediately.

The threat is so severe, the company issued a patch for even the 12-year-old version of Windows.

The company said hackers could use it to install programs, delete data and create new user accounts.

The Windows developer says the threat is from something called "print nightmare" and researchers accidentally published a guide to exploiting it.

Grocers stock up

Supermarkets are stocking up on everything from sugar to frozen meat before they get more pricey, according to the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ reports retailers are bracing for what some executives expect to be the highest price increases in recent memory.

When prices start rising, food sellers often purchase more inventory to protect profits.

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