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How to find a Hatchimal: Tracking down this year's hottest toy

With 13 days left until Christmas, you might still be on the hunt for the hottest toys of the season.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - With 13 days left until Christmas, you might still be on the hunt for the hottest toys of the season.

But what can you do to track down the toys that are in scarce supply?

Whether it's the Hatchimals or the retro Nintendo game system, area department stores and toy stores have been inundated with calls from shoppers looking to track down these items that are in high demand.

For some parents, the sacrifice has come in the form of time.

Debbie Carter waited in line for a Hatchimal.

"I'd rather spend the 16 hours here than the $250-300 online that they're charging for it, because I'm a regular consumer for kids," Carter said.

But the goal is to get your hands on the prize.

Penny Toon carefully unveiled her valuable purchase from her shopping bag.

"I have a Hatchimal! I have no idea what it does, but I know my granddaughter needed one. That's all I know," she said.

Dozens of people stood in line for hours outside area Target stores for the hottest toy this season, the Hatchimal.

At the Toys R Us in Castleton, the store manager says he hasn't seen this level of interest in a single toy since the Cabbage Patch Kids craze dating back to the 1980s. He says they get phone calls every day from customers wanting to know when they will be in stock.

Many stores say as soon as the items arrive, it's first come, first serve and the incoming inventory is gone in minutes.

At Toys R Us, they're advising customers to call every three days, since that's roughly the schedule of the next arriving truck. At Target locations, one manager tells us there is a small line of people who wait at the door before the store opens.

If a truck arrives with Hatchimals on board, it's first come, first serve.

And if you can't pick one up at the store, there are Hatchimals for sale online, but you'll pay triple or quadruple the retail price.

For example, while Hatchimals retail for about $50, there are sellers on Amazon.com selling the hot toys for around $200. You'll find similar offerings on eBay and Craigslist.

But be sure to research the seller's history and reviews to make sure that they can deliver the item, and ship it in time for Christmas.

Walmart has announced it is restocking some 1,700 stores with Hatchimals. The company says each of those stores was scheduled to receive dozens of the toys, selling for just under $50, compared to $60 at Target.

But if you still can't find one, you may have to wait. The manufacturer says they'll have a new batch ready to hatch early next year.