Seymour sisters raising money for Gatlinburg victims with Hatchimals raffle


SEYMOUR, Ind. (WAVE) - Two southern Indiana girls felt so moved after seeing the wildfires in Tennessee, they're raffling off their brand new Hatchimals toys to help the victims.

Ten-year-old Lariah Neal and her six-year-old sister Daelyn Freese got the hot Christmas toys from their grandmother. Hatchimals are interactive toys that emulates an animal hatching from an egg while kids play with it. Holiday shoppers have been lining up out the doors of stores trying to snag the hard-to-get item.

But after seeing the devastation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the girls couldn't bear to keep the toys.

"We have lots of toys and they have nothing," said Lariah.

"To have children that would give up their toy that everybody wants, know, spectacular," said the girls' grandmother, Kimberly Steltenpohl.

The girls have raised about $200 so far, but they're hoping to collect much more.

The Hatchimals will go to the raffle winners, with the proceeds going to the Red Cross.