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Anne Marie Tiernon's 'Best You' is a journey to better ourselves

We want to discover and celebrate mental, emotional and spiritual improvement along with you.

INDIANAPOLIS — We are setting aside time to talk with you about how you're doing. Are you OK or are you struggling?

During this pandemic, we've come face to face with realities about our relationships, our health and ourselves that we've long been able to avoid or ignore because we were so busy. Everything was moving faster and faster. We didn't have time.

And then so much of what we knew STOPPED.  

It was hard.

We lost jobs. We lost loved ones. We started working from home.

So much of what we knew changed.

Some things are better, others not so much.

Maybe you're feeling far from being your "Best You."

This goal of being our best self is a common denominator. How far are we off the mark?

What are we modeling to our children?

Are we steadfast, committed to spending time and investing in what really matters?  

There are so many elements to being our best mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And that's hard to achieve if we don't feel good or if we are physically dragging and out of shape.

We want to help you get and stay motivated to be healthy.

We'll look at the best ways to do that and learn how to use food as medicine.

That can be sharing recipes, sharing what to put in your grocery cart or learning how what you eat impacts how you feel.

Part of being our best is being mindful of what is happening around us — of getting out and exploring nature year-round.

We want to inspire you to pursue good each day, and take time and be intentional about being the Best You.

This is a journey, it's a conversation and a community. 

We will be better if we do it together.  

So, watch for Best You, share your experiences and tips. Together, let's find our Best You!


Thanks to Survival Fitness, and Kroger for allowing to shoot on location at their businesses.

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