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Greenwood BBQ restaurant to be streaming series

Production gets started this month and 12 episodes will be shot featuring Smokehouse Catering Company.

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Chip Huckaby, a south side native, has been cooking in Indianapolis nearly 30 years. He recently opened a barbecue restaurant, Smokehouse Catering Company, in Greenwood.

“We're a state built on pork and soybeans and corn and that's where the pork comes in and you've got, you know, smoked nice and low, and you get the crisp on the skin, got the beautiful color, the bark, the bite, the brisket’s great," he said.

Huckaby would have never dreamed of being featured on a TV show.

“I get this out of the blue, man says, 'Hey, I've got some gals that have been, you know, for lack of better words, trolling me on the internet,'" he said. "'They just tell me that you are the bee's knees. We need to have you on our network in some capacity doing your barbecue and your cooking.'”

The streaming network, eatthis.tv, launched in 2019. Its top executive loved Huckaby's work.

“He says, 'Well, look, if you can get to New York, I'll set you up and we'll build you a pilot. We'll throw it out on the network, and we'll see how people respond,'" Huckaby said. “The more views and more looks we get, the better my odds and getting a show out of this and it's gone really well. I can actually tell you that Thursday we'll be going over the letter of intent so we're going to have a series.”

The series will be named after his Greenwood restaurant, Smokehouse Catering Company. Production gets started this month and 12 episodes will be shot.

“To see the numbers roll in, see the people really appreciate it, enjoy it and want to see more,” he said.

You can watch eatthis.tv on streaming platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and on the eatthis.tv website.