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Indiana Senate approves bill requiring doctors inform women of 'abortion reversal' treatment

The Indiana Senate voted to approve House Bill 1577, which tightens restrictions on abortions in the state.
Credit: WTHR

INDIANAPOLIS — Legislators in Indiana have voted in favor of a bill that tightens state abortion laws and would require doctors to tell women undergoing drug-induced abortions about a disputed treatment that could stop the abortion process. 

In addition to informing women of the controversial "abortion reversal" treatment, the bill would also require pregnant women younger than 18 to get a parent's signature notarized in order to get an abortion. 

The bill bans chemical abortions after eight weeks as well as ordering abortion-inducing medicine via telemedicine. It also adds mental health providers to the list of people who can elect not to participate in procedures or practices concerning abortions if it goes against the provider's ethical, moral, or religious beliefs. 

If signed into law, the bill would require abortion providers to give pregnant women a free ultrasound and the photo from the ultrasound "for her to keep," according to the bill's details listed on the Indiana General Assembly's website.

The bill goes on to propose tightening requirements that abortion clinics would have to follow in order to keep their license. 

The Indiana Senate, which has a strong anti-abortion majority that has supported numerous restrictions in recent years, voted Tuesday to advance the proposal. The bill is now headed back to the House chamber for final approval.

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