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Indiana bill aims to address noise complaints from residents near Marion County Fairgrounds

Residents near Circle City Raceway on Fisher Road say winter is the only time of year they can enjoy the sound of silence around their homes.

INDIANAPOLIS — On Fisher Road on the city's south side, cars come and go, but this is the time of year neighbors can enjoy the sound of silence.

"It is quiet right now. It isn't spring, summer or fall," Melissa Perry said.

That's when the sound of stock cars racing can be heard all the time.

"This is every weekend — every single weekend," Perry explained, saying the noise doesn't sound much different from her front yard about a mile away.

Perry said it bothers her, but this isn't just about her.

"It's about everyone that lives around it," she said.

Perry's neighbors all have signs in their front yard that say, "Stop the Noise."

The noise comes from the Circle City Raceway, a track built at the Marion County Fairgrounds nearly two years ago. But it's not just an issue during the county fair, which runs from late June through early July.

"We all knew when we moved in, 10 days out of [the] year, it was going to be a little noisy. It was going to be more traffic," Perry said. "We all knew that because we're moving next to the fairgrounds. But we didn't all sign up for this."

The city-county council member who represents the area said the fairgrounds got approval from the city to host races throughout the year.

Mitch Gore, the state representative who represents the area, said that hasn't stopped people from complaining about the noise.

"It's been the number one source of complaints from our neighbors since I've been elected," Gore said.

He's sponsoring a bill that would require the Marion County Fairgrounds to build noise barriers if they have more than five races a year that run outside their regular fair times.

"I think the fairgrounds needs to remember while they do this, they also need to be good neighbors," Gore said. 

Marion County Fairgrounds sent 13News a statement, which said they look forward to reviewing the proposed bill. 

Perry hopes the bill goes somewhere, so she and her neighbors won't have to when they want to escape the noise.

"All we want is a little peace and quiet," Perry said.

HB 1100 has been assigned to the local government committee, but so far, hasn't received a hearing.

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