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Wisconsin man turns in coin stash after more than 20 years

Jim Holton hauled more than $5,000 worth of loose change into a bank in Wauwatosa to help with the ongoing coin shortage.

WAUWATOSA, Wis. — The pandemic has brought on a coin shortage and one Wisconsin man has done his part to help fix it.

Jim Holton turned in two decades of saved coins to a bank in Wauwatosa. He said he had been saving the loose change for when his grandchildren graduated college.

His collection has been going on for over 20 years, starting when his son was given a piggy bank as a baby. Holton said he added about 60 cents in change from his coffee every day.

He recently hauled three five-gallon buckets and various other jars and containers filled with coins to the bank. 

"I'm not hoping for anything. My guess is that it is probably a couple of thousand, but I don;t have anything to base it on, not a clue," Holton said.

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In total, Holton's haul added up to $5,366.05. 

A reduction in coin production and circulation has resulted in local banks receiving a limited amount of rolled coins requested, North Shore Bank said. The coin shortage is also affecting how businesses operate.

Bank officials also said customers can have their change counted and exchanged for free at any branch.

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