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No mask? No problem | CDC changes guidance for outdoor activities

The updated guidelines say fully-vaccinated people can be maskless outside, as long as they stay out of large crowds.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Centers for Disease Control has done an about face of sorts.  

New CDC guidelines say fully vaccinated people don't have to wear face masks when they are outside, as long as they stay out of large crowds and venues. Then they should mask up. 

The new guidance was a hit with fans at Tuesday's Broad Ripple-Haverford Little League game. 

"I hope this means that, as a whole community, we are getting more healthy and safe, so it is exciting," said Lizabeth Bradshaw.

On Indy's Monon Trail Tuesday, hardly anyone was wearing a face mask, including Richard Jones.  

"I agree with it," Jones said "I feel pretty comfortable because I am vaccinated myself."

Credit: WTHR

"I think these are cautious first steps." said Thomas Duszynski, director of Epidemiologist Education at the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. "What this is demonstrating is that the vaccine is working. It's safe and it's effective and that when we have a vaccinated population, we can start coming back together again." 

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The new mask recommendations are far from a blank check. Yes, it is true that people can ditch the mask while outside for most activities, but masks are still recommended for large outdoor gatherings and indoor activities.

Credit: Centers for Disease Control

Shyra Cob isn't letting go of her mask just yet. 

"Inside, with people, that six feet distancing is a little tricky and these shots are not a 100%." she said. 

But shedding masks, at least outside, makes the yearlong pandemic a little easier to face.