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Karena McClerkin's grandmother critical of Kokomo Police handling of case

"My granddaughter has been laying out there for almost 6 years. They knew it. They did nothing," she said.

KOKOMO, Ind. — Kokomo Police believe they found the remains of the missing 18-year-old Karena McClerkin.

She's been missing since October 2016 

On Monday, police arrested 57-year-old Flint Vincent Farmer in connection with her murder. 

After Kokomo Police made the announcement at the City Hall about the skeletal remains being found in rural Miami County, Karena's grandmother Gerry McClerkin publicly accused the police of mishandling the case.

"My granddaughter has been laying out there for almost 6 years. They knew it. They did nothing," Gerry said.

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Gerri said Wednesday's announcement brought her little closure. She feels like the police didn't do a good job investigating the case or with working with the family. She said that's why she's considering taking legal action.

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"We don't want the money. If we win something, the lawyer can keep it. We want them to be held accountable because they sat on this for five and a half years," said Gerry.

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In a press release, investigators said they have followed up on every piece of information received.

Gerry said as of right now, the latest update hasn't really sunk in yet.

"When I see my boy, I see my son collapse. That's it," she said.

For Gerry, any sense of relief from the arrest of Farmer and the recovery of Karena's remains has been overshadowed by frustration over how long it took to get to this moment.

"I'm glad they found Karena, I really am," she said. "It brings that much closure so she can be put to rest. Until that man is put behind bars... I am so glad they found her."

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