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Indianapolis man originally from Ukraine raising money for medical donations

Michael Fatyanov is collecting donations for items such as tactical kits to stop bleeding as well as patches, life straws, and painkillers.

INDIANAPOLIS — As the war in Ukraine continues, Michael Fatyanov is doing everything he can in Indiana to keep his family and their neighbors alive back home. The thought of them running back and forth to their bomb shelter every night is overwhelming for him.

"It's nerve-wracking. Sometimes it's just sickening," said Fatyanov. "It's paralyzing when you hear of some of the atrocities being done to civilians. Any moment you could stop and think this could be happening to my family right now. It throws me off."

Fatyanov, who works as a dancer in Indianapolis, has been raising thousands of dollars in donations for his family to distribute in their local community to support their neighbors with personal and medical needs, the military, and their territorial defense units.

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"The money that's being donated from my friends from the United States goes to purchase bulletproof vests and medical supplies," said Fatyanov.

Now they need additional medical supplies.

He's collecting donations for items such as tactical kits to stop bleeding, patches, life straws, and painkillers to send to his family in Ukraine so they can distribute them throughout their community.

Fatyanov believes people living in the U.S. cannot afford to stop paying attention to this war.

"If the outcome of the war is that Russia wins, that sends a message that anyone who is capable of similar actions because of their military capabilities is welcome to exercise them," he said.

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These medical supplies will provide hope and healing during a dark time.

"Literally and figuratively, Ukraine is bleeding for democracy and freedom. I figure the least we can do is ease some of that by continuing to pray and sending some physical and tangible help because it makes a difference," said Fatyanov.

You can mail donations to Michael Fatyanov at P.O. Box 441791, Indianapolis, IN 46244, or you can visit this link to donate.

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