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Did you hear that? Crews investigate 'loud boom', light flash reported in Indiana

13News is following reports of a loud boom that rocked central Indiana Friday night.

INDIANAPOLIS — A loud boom and bright flash rocked central Indiana Friday night, and experts believe it was caused by a meteor.

Homeowners from multiple Indiana counties reported loud shaking and explosions from Kokomo to Greenwood.

Preliminary reports indicate the flash and boom could have been a meteor or a sonic boom that was a result from a meteor.

Dr. Brian Murphy, the director of the Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium at Butler University, discussed the reports with 13News and said a meteor was the likely source. 

"This sounds like it was a fireball, which is a relatively large object," he said, like a large rock entering the atmosphere.

Murphy said such an object would produce the flash and sonic boom that many Hoosiers reported.

Pilots in Kentucky reported spotting a meteor to the north, according to Hamilton County Emergency Management. A lightning detection system picked up something over Carroll County, and the "current theory is there was a sonic boom from a meteor."

Bryan Bunton shared security camera video from his Center Grove neighborhood in Greenwood that shows the streak of light, then two distinct flashes at 8:47 p.m.

Bunton told 13News his camera was pointed north at the time it captured the streak and flashes.

13News viewer MH sent Ring doorbell footage taken from their Russiaville home that appeared to show a bright light near the time of the reported boom.

You can hear a distinct rumble in a video provided by Derick Witty.

13News viewer Mark Zieles also posted video of the flash from his home.

In Cicero, 13News viewer Matthew Beeson also captured the flash. 

Other 13News viewers also said they saw a massive flash of light. 

Hamilton County Emergency Management said several reports came in from across the county about a possible explosion and "a light streaking across the sky" around 9 p.m. Friday.

Police and fire services continue to investigate. If you have any photo or pictures of the incident, send them to newsdesk@wthr.com. 

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