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Track vaccinations in your ZIP code

You may have been keeping up with the percentage of fully vaccinated people in your county as a whole, but what about your ZIP code?

INDIANAPOLIS — More than 43% of Indiana's population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, with some counties reporting over that percentage.

But that doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story.

Data released earlier this week from the Indiana Department of Health shows sometimes wide discrepancies in vaccination rates across ZIP codes

That means even though you may live in a ZIP code where a majority of residents are fully vaccinated, that isn’t necessarily the case one town over.  

13News used the data to create a map of fully vaccinated percentages across the state by ZIP code. 

In the tool, you can see how certain areas sometimes vary widely.

Take Boone County for example – the 46077 ZIP code, which contains the town of Zionsville, reports a 92% vaccination rate. In Whitestown’s ZIP code of 46075, the vaccination rate is 81%. In Lebanon, the 46052 ZIP code, a little over half the residents are vaccinated at 50.7%.

That situation is not unique to Boone County.

For health officials, these numbers can raise questions about which communities have access to the vaccine, and what they can do to ensure more folks throughout central Indiana can get it.

13News reporter Mary Milz spoke with Hamilton County Health Director Chris Walker, who pointed out disparities in his own county along State Road 32. Those living south of the road had higher vaccination rates while communities north of the road, primarily rural areas, had lower rates.

While Hamilton County had 50 vaccination clinics, Walker said just two were north of State Road 32.

Zoom in on the map to get a glimpse of how vaccination rates in your ZIP code compare with areas around you.