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Kokomo police arrest 55 during 'Operation Cracked Ice' drug investigation

Officers conducted 77 controlled buys of drugs and prescriptions that were being illegally sold.
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KOKOMO, Ind. — Police in Kokomo announced the arrests Thursday of dozens of suspects in a yearlong drug crackdown.

Officers have arrested 55 people during "Operation Cracked Ice," which started in January, the Kokomo Police Department said. During the operation, investigators conducted nearly 80 controlled purchases from suspected drug dealers, including buys involving prescription medications that were being illegally sold. 

The controlled purchases resulted in arrest warrants for 23 people across Howard County. Starting in August, 22 of the 23 suspects were arrested. Police say 33 others were arrested from traffic stops and search warrants. 

According to Kokomo Police, officers seized the following drugs during the operation: 

  • 5.75 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 28.2 pounds of marijuana
  • 141 grams of MDMA
  • 64.51 grams of cocaine
  • 3.39 grams of heroin
  • 35 morphine pills
  • 24 Xanax pills
  • 13 suboxone pills
  • 398 counterfeit pill suspected of containing fentanyl

Officers also seized six illegal firearms and $9,200 in U.S. currency.

Police identified the following people who were arrested during Operation Cracked Ice: 

  • Anthony Harland (Dealing Methamphetamine x 2, Possession of Methamphetamine)
  • Antwon Abbott (Dealing in a Narcotic Drug x 2, Possession of Marijuana)
  • Larry Beets (Dealing Methamphetamine x 2, Dealing in a Narcotic Drug)
  • Jeffery Sarver (Dealing Methamphetamine x 2)
  • Anthony Williams (Dealing in a Narcotic Drug x 3, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana)
  • Cody Collins (Dealing Methamphetamine x 7, Dealing a Controlled Substance x 2)
  • Timothy Gibson (Dealing Methamphetamine)
  • Reece Ayres (Attempted Dealing in a Counterfeit Substance, Assisting a Criminal, Resisting Law Enforcement, Escape)
  • Charles Dockerty (Dealing Methamphetamine x 4)
  • Chad Gaddis (Dealing Cocaine, Dealing Marijuana x 3)
  • Jerry McKinney (Dealing Methamphetamine)
  • Brian Bright (Dealing Methamphetamine)
  • Carl Chandler (Dealing Methamphetamine x 8, Dealing in a Narcotic Drug x 2)
  • Sondra Roe (Dealing Methamphetamine)
  • Nathan McKinney (Dealing Methamphetamine x 3)
  • Lesa Young (Dealing in a Schedule III Controlled Substance, Dealing in a Schedule IV Controlled Substance)
  • Vicki Gunter (Dealing in a Schedule III Controlled Substance, Dealing in a Schedule IV Controlled Substance x 2)
  • Larry Wilson (Dealing in a Narcotic Drug x 4)
  • Markus Martin (Dealing Methamphetamine x 3)
  • Bobby Jones (Dealing Methamphetamine x 4, Possession of Methamphetamine)
  • John Roark (Dealing in a Narcotic Drug x 4, Dealing in a Schedule IV Controlled Substance)
  • Dustie Jackson-Roark (Dealing in a Narcotic Drug)
  • Ashley Rivera (Possession of Cocaine)
  • Shay White (Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of a Controlled Substance)
  • Vincent Cross (Possession of Cocaine)
  • Angela Woodard (Possession of Cocaine, Driving While Suspended)
  • Ellen Butler (Warrant from Brevard County, Florida)
  • Mark Braxton (Parole Violation Warrant from New York)
  • Michael Little (Possession of Cocaine, Resisting Law Enforcement)
  • Kenneth Sanders (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Amanda Warrick (Warrant out of Marion County, Indiana)
  • Amanda Bowman (Possession of Marijuana)
  • Danelle Larrison (Possession of Cocaine)
  • Talik Woodard (Dealing Cocaine, Dealing Methamphetamine, Possession of Cocaine, Dealing Marijuana, Felon in Possession of a Firearm)
  • Stephanie Chandler (Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Methamphetamine)
  • Jonathan McPeek (Possession of Methamphetamine, Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Darneil Kinney (Dealing Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Serious Violent Felon, Possession of Marijuana, Dealing Marijuana, Resisting Law Enforcement x 3, Criminal Recklessness, Reckless Driving)
  • Rebecca-Ann Lambert (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Ashley Bagwell (Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Possession of a Controlled Substance)
  • Brittany Causey (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Stephanie Ayres (Resisting Law Enforcement, Disorderly Conduct)
  • Alicia Damewood (Possession of Methamphetamine, Warrant out of Miami County)
  • Corey Gardner-Shepard (Possession of Cocaine)
  • Elijah Davis (Unlawful Carrying of a Handgun-Prior Felony Conviction w/in Last 15 Years, Resisting Law Enforcement, Possession of Marijuana, Operator Never Licensed)
  • Holly Bentley (Warrant out of Elkhart County)
  • Michael Mott (Driving While Suspended)
  • Cornealous Hale (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Hal Hughes Jr. (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Diane Grove (Warrant out of Howard County)
  • Dasedric Dowling (Driving While Suspended)
  • Marcus Herron (Dealing Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Maintaining a Common Nuisance)
  • Casey Owens (Possession of Cocaine, Maintaining a Common Nuisance)
  • Tatyana Snow (Possession of Marijuana)
  • Deangelo Strayhorn (Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia)
  • Jordan Best (Warrant out of Howard County)

Police are still searching for Joshua Johnson, who has an arrest warrant out for dealing in a substance represented to be a controlled substance. 

Anyone with information in the ongoing investigation is being asked to call Kokomo Police Sgt. Aaron Tarrh at 765-456-7204 or the Kokomo Police Hotline at 765-456-7017. Anonymous tips can be called in to Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 1-800-262-TIPS or via the tip411 smartphone app.

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