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How to save money on your holiday flights

If you don't have plans, Scott Keyes with Scott's Cheap Flights said, Thanksgiving is a good time to find bargains on international flights.

INDIANAPOLIS — The holidays are usually the most expensive time of year to fly domestically, so tracking flight prices is a must. 

Google Flights and the app Hopper will both let you know if a ticket price is typical or might go down more. 

If you're thinking about travel insurance, first figure out how you're already covered.

For example, if the flight is significantly delayed or canceled, federal law entitles you to a refund, no matter what. 

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Scott Keyes with Scott's Cheap Flights said if it's other losses you're worried about, your credit card might cover you.

"Google whichever credit card you have, plus travel insurance or travel protections and see what you're already given automatically for free, just by using that card," Keyes said

A circumstance where travel insurance might make sense: a cruise.

"If you purchase that flight from Indianapolis to Fort Lauderdale and it gets canceled, and you're not able to make it down in Florida before the ship leaves, they're not going to hold it for you."

If you don't have plans, Keyes said, Thanksgiving is a good time to find bargains on international flights.

"We saw a flight the other day from Indianapolis to Barcelona over Thanksgiving for $595 round trip."

Last but not least, if you travel on budget airlines including Allegiant, Spirit and Frontier, buying your tickets at the counter can save you up to $45 dollars roundtrip.

That's because budget airlines charge an electronic fee, but each company calls it something different.

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Before making the trip to the airport, make sure the ticket counter is open by checking the airport departures that day. The Terminal Garage is $2 per half hour.

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You will also want to purchase your bags once you return home. If you buy bags at the counter, even in advance, you'll end up paying more than online.

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