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He's 2 years sickle cell-free, thanks to Riley

Elliot Preddie's life has changed drastically since undergoing a stem cell transplant at Riley Hospital for Children.

INDIANAPOLIS — Riley Children's Foundation believes all kids deserve a healthy childhood. Every year they help many families get the life-saving care their children need. 

The Preddie family knows that first-hand.

Elliot Preddie is a thriving 13-year-old who loves video games and spending hours on his backyard trampoline. 

But as his mother, Tramesha Preddie, shared, just over two years ago Elliot's "normal" was not exactly typical. 

"We were at Riley, at minimum, every four weeks because he had to have blood transfusions," she explained.

Elliot was born with sickle cell anemia. His frequent trips to the hospital were often to manage Elliot's constant pain.

His life has changed drastically since undergoing a stem cell transplant at Riley Hospital for Children.

Elliot was able to receive the operation thanks to a bone marrow donation from a family member when he was 11. His constant trips to the hospital are no more.

"After we hit that one-year mark," Tremesha said, "I mean he went from taking six to seven pills a day to just one for prevention, and he's pretty well cured from sickle cell at this point."

When 13News caught up with Elliot for a one-year update after his life-changing operation, he said he was looking forward to getting back to playing sports again. 

He's wasted no-time playing catch-up. 

"I played flag football not too long ago. I used to play baseball and soccer," Elliot proudly shared. "I plan to do swimming next."

Elliot isn't the only family member who has benefitted from care at Riley Hospital for Children. His 5-year-old brother, Carter, has sickle cell anemia, too. Elliot no doubt understands Carter's chronic pain, but there's hope his younger brother will soon share in his relief, too. 

"We hope to do the same thing for Carter very soon," his mom explained.

Riley's Christmas Giving Campaign raises money to help offset treatment costs for children like Elliot and their families. Here's where you can donate.

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