Live Doppler 13 Mobile Storm Tracker

When severe weather rolls in, the Live Doppler 13 Mobile Storm Tracker rolls out, giving you a first-hand view of the damage. Combined with Live Drive Cam and DroneCam 13, it has all the tools to help keep your family safe.

From the Mobile Command Center inside, we can go live from anywhere in the state, for newscasts, on your mobile device, on Facebook or on other streaming channels.

Take a tour with Angela Buchman inside the Live Doppler 13 Mobile Storm Tracker to see all that it can do.

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Live Doppler 13 Forecast

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Chuck Lofton
Forecast updated at Sep 19th, 2019 - 4:58am (EDT)

It’s mild outside this morning, but things will change as we move into the afternoon.

Look for a high about 11 degrees above average and as kids leave school, humidity will start to rise.

We’ll keep it mainly dry the next three days but heat continues to build. In fact, as we move into Friday and Saturday, we look for the potential for two more 90-degree days.

For crowds headed to Operation Football games or the big Willie Nelson, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant show at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, hydrate because it will be a warm and sticky evening.

We look for the possibility of some rain Sunday as the remnants of Imelda get caught up in a cold front as it races to Indiana. It’s very possible there will be some scattered showers Sunday for the Colts home opener against Atlanta. It's still a bit too early to pin down the timeline, but computer guidance shows an arrival late morning and during the afternoon.