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IMS to replace woman's car that was hit by tire during Indy 500

A spokesperson confirmed to 13News that IMS will replace Robin Matthews' 2012 Chevy Cruz that was damaged by a flying tire after a crash.

INDIANAPOLIS — The woman whose car was struck by a tire following a crash during Sunday's Indianapolis 500 is getting a new ride. 

A spokesperson for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway confirmed to 13News that IMS will replace Robin Matthews' Chevy Cruze, which sustained significant damage when a tire that flew off of Kyle Kirkwood's car during a late-race crash struck the vehicle, which was parked outside of Turn 2. 

Matthews told 13News after the race she was working a Turn 2 suite when the crash occurred and didn't believe the news of the damage at first. 

"We saw the tire go over because I was in Turn 2, and they said a tire went over,” Matthews said. “Somebody said that it hit one of the golf carts. Well, I was parked by a golf cart. I looked, and I saw the back of my car, and I'm like, 'OK,' I didn't think anything. Then, somebody from another suite was like, ‘Robin, it was your car.'"

After learning it was her car that was struck, Matthews said she became anxious and nervous, but thankful there were no injuries to fans at the track.

"My car's name is 'Snowball,' she took one for the team,” Matthews said. 

She told 13News "Snowball" was paid off and she just wants something she can drive to work without a car payment. 

IndyCar officials retrieved the wheel after the incident and are investigating what caused it to break free to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

For the last 24 years, the racing series has mandated a wheel-suspension tether, which uses high-performance Zylon material. It can withstand a force of over 22,000 pounds. IndyCar was the first sanctioning body in the United States to require its use. 

IndyCar said the tether did not fail in the crash, but it's not clear what caused the wheel to fly off the track.

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