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13INside Track learns about security tips when using TikTok

From choosing passwords, two-factor authentication, and being careful what to click on, see how to navigate conversations with you teen when using TikTok.


As more teens engage and consume content on TikTok, many parents worry about their teens' safety. Tracy Elizabeth, Head of Issue Policy, Trust & Safety at TikTok, comments that as a mom, safety is a priority for her, and it's definitely something she's proud of that's a priority for TikTok."

A mom herself, Elizabeth, shares tips for securing accounts. Make sure that your teen has established a strong password. No last name and birthdate combination. You really need to think of something that other folks are not going to be able to guess. And next, we have a two-step verification... That's an extra layer of security that's really helpful.

TikTok's family pairing feature allows parents to connect their personal TikTok account with their teen's account to implement safety settings such as screen time limits and video audiences.

To learn more, search for TikTok Guardian's Guide.

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