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Fact-checking Dr. Stock’s COVID-19 claims at the Mt. Vernon school board meeting

A school board meeting in Hancock County, Indiana has gone viral after a doctor made a lot of COVID-19 claims that don't match recommendations from the CDC and ISDH.

Bob Segall, Kelly Jones

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Published: 8/11/2021 10:46:31 PM
Updated: 3:15 PM EDT August 12, 2021

At an August 6 school board meeting in Hancock County, Dr. Dan Stock spoke out against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination and mask policies. While addressing board members during the public comment portion of the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation meeting, the doctor made several claims about the COVID-19 virus and vaccines that are contrary to information and recommendations cited by the CDC and Indiana State Department of Health.

Clips from the board meeting have gone viral, posted across mainstream and non-mainstream channels. On YouTube, the video from the entire school board meeting had more than 580,000 views, as of Aug. 11, and a 7-minute clip of Stock speaking at the meeting had more than 720,000 YouTube views. The posts have garnered more than 92 million Facebook engagements, according to the non-profit research organization Media Matters for America.

The engagements include a post from Indiana Rep. John Jacob. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan also shared a YouTube link on Facebook.

VERIFY broke down some of Stock’s claims used as evidence against mandatory vaccinations and mask mandates.

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