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Data shows dozens of Bigfoot sightings reported in Indiana

Dozens of Hoosiers have reported seeing Bigfoot in Indiana in the last 50 years, newly released data shows.
The legend of Bigfoot has baffled many people and now again, a footprint measuring 17 3/4 inches long and 7 1/2 inches wide was discovered, Sunday, August 26, 1980 at a residence in the Conemaugh Twp. area in Johnstown, Pa. (AP Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - When you think of Bigfoot, you likely think of the Pacific Northwest, but new research reveals dozens of Hoosiers have reported spotting the creature.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization posted data online showing thousands of sightings claimed nationwide, KWQC reported. The research was analyzed by the Travel Channel, which premieres a new series "Bigfoot in America" this August.

The database not only lists the numbers of sightings in each state, but also breaks it down by county and provides details of each reported sighting.

Seventy-eight Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Indiana since children reported seeing the ape-like creature near Westfield in July 1973. Two months later, a child reported a sighting in a cornfield near Sheridan.

The most recent report came from campers who said they may have heard "vocalizations" of Bigfoot on Yellowwood Lake in Brown County.

The highest number of Bigfoot sightings reported in an Indiana county is the eight sightings in Monroe County, double the total sightings in Washington County, which is second on the list.

The last sightings of Bigfoot in Monroe County came in 2009, when duck hunters near Lake Monroe reported hearing vocalizations one October morning. Months earlier, a man reported hearing moans and seeing a gray creature outside Bloomington.

There have been no sightings reported in Marion County. but there have been a total of eight in five of the so-called "donut" counties - Boone (1), Hamilton (2), Johnson (1), Morgan (3) and Shelby (1).

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