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Rep. Jim Lucas to meet with NAACP branch president after criticism over social media posts

The lawmaker from Seymour has drawn criticism in the past for multiple social media posts.
Lucas removed from committees

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. — State Representative Jim Lucas, who's had a history of racially controversial social media posts, is planning to meet with the NAACP branch president in Bartholomew County.

Lucas reached out to Pastor Johnnie Edwards in Columbus for a meeting about race relations.

The lawmaker from Seymour has drawn criticism in the past for multiple social media posts.

Most recently, a post with a meme he shared in May drew widespread outrage.

Lucas defended the post at the time and still maintains it was not racist. 

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But within days of the share on Lucas' Facebook page, state leaders took action and removed him from several legislative committees.

Now, Rep. Lucas he says he wants to talk with the NAACP leader in Bartholomew County to "listen and to teach," in hopes of building relationships and moving forward.

"This is something that's been blown so far out of proportion and when we see what's going on around the country, it needs to be fixed. And the easiest way to fix it is to reach out to people," Lucas said. "Both of those incidents (social media posts), they weren't racism. And all the vitriol that came of that, that shocked me as much as anybody. But my way of dealing with things is just go straight to the source. If people from around the communities and the state can see here are two people that have good name ID, that have a reputation on this issue, if they can come together and work this out, why can't anyone else?"

No date yet for the meeting between Representative Lucas and Pastor Edwards.

Lucas said they're still sorting through schedules.

The pastor told 13News he hopes the meeting leads to healing.