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The fanny pack makes a comeback

Most fanny packs range in price from $5 to $30 and have been flying off the shelves recently.

INDIANAPOLIS — Call it the “attack of the fanny packs!” Yes, fanny packs are making a comeback. 

One online boutique says fanny pack sales have jumped 60 percent in the past year. And a local shop owner tells 13News that her designer fanny packs sales have tripled in the month of May.  

“Everybody is ready for the race, they take their fanny packs out there, and put all their goodies in the fanny pack,” said Felicia Kiesel, owner of Boomerang Boutique on Mass Ave. 

And the Wall Street Journal has the research to prove fanny packs are flying off the shelves nationwide, saying fanny pack sales in America quadrupled in 2018, and then doubled again in 2019. 

So why the resurgence? 

Like with everything else, you can blame COVID-19. 

With people getting more active, they want to get out and about, and they need a place to keep their mask, their hand sanitizer and all of their other safety products. Throw your smartphone, credit cards and keys on top of that, and you need a fanny pack! 

Most fanny packs range in price from $5 to $30, but we did find a fanny pack on the Gucci website that retailed for more than $1,100.

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