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Teenager's passion for pigs leads to creation of Indiana rescue center

The issue is pot-bellied pigs start out small and then grow to be somewhere between 120 to 200-plus pounds.

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — They like to watch movies, go to the YMCA for Yoga and oh by the way they are pigs.

This all started three years ago, as then 14-year-old Olivia Head, chose to start a refuge for unwanted and abandoned pot-bellied pigs.

The issue is they start out small and then grow to be somewhere between 120 to 200-plus pounds.

Oinking Acres rescues pot-bellied pigs. (WTHR)

That's why Olivia started Oinking Acres to rescue and then place the pigs.

"I generally wish I did not have to do this and that there wasn't a need for a pig rescue," Olivia said. "I wish these animals weren't bought. I wish they were not over bred and I wish they were not discarded as easily or commonly as they are."

In 2019 Oinking Acres brought in 133 animals, 79 of those were pigs. By the end of the year they were able to find a home for 58 of them.

"We are committed to caring for them. Morning and night. She misses out on vacations, weekend trips and things like that but she is committed to helping them," said Adele Head, Olivia's mother.

"I am not going to lie, there are some days when I wish I had a normal life. But then I look back. Who wants to be normal?" Oliva said.

Pot-bellied pigs at Oinking Acres. (WTHR)

That commitment will continue after Olivia graduates.

"I plan to do this. This is my calling," Olivia said. "I know this is what I am here to do. So I will continue to rescue pigs until I am physically unable to do so."

For more information on how you can help, click here for information on Oinking Acres.